April 29, 2005

Waiting for my Chinese visa

I sent my papers to the Visum Centrale in Bonn yesterday. I am curious to see how fast they are going to get my visa. Let's hope that everything works fine with the distribution of a business visa.

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DAAD scholarship

Strike! Today I received a letter from DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) telling that I was granted a scholarship for my trip to Shanghai. Very good feeling indeed which gives my pocket little more air to breath!


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April 28, 2005

Home depot retailer OBI stops China business

What a surprise! German's home depot retailer OBI recently annouced to quit its China engagement by selling all its stores to British rival Kingfisher by the end of this year!

Kind of strange as I could have worked for OBI in Shanghai in 2003 before I accepted another offer at that time.
OBI in Shanghai is located in the Putuo district, northwest of Shanghai, next to the retailer METRO.

picture copyright by DPA

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April 26, 2005

Shanghai Visa Center

I just found an interesting website offering special visa services for Expats or Western people who are due to relocate to Shanghai or China in general.

Very convenient - with their service you don't have to leave the country before getting a new or different visa.

I will add the link to their services on the "Links" section of this webpage.

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April 25, 2005

University is (almost) over

After heartbreaking two weeks of continuous pressure, little sleep I have now finished all my final exams in university. What a feeling indeed!!!

I am now enjoying my one week off before my work placement for my diploma thesis begins next Monday.

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April 17, 2005

Got my accomodation for my stay in Shanghai

Although being busy with my final exam preparation I am happy to announce that I finally found a place to stay during my time in Shanghai this June and July.

I don't know the exact address yet. However, it's a marvelous appartment on 30th floor between Renmin Square and Waitan (the Bund) and the Yu Garden. I will be sharing this flat with other two roommates which is fine with me as I am going to be very busy anyways.

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Automotive manufacturer VW replaces Head of China

After years of decreasing market share and significantly dropping revenues, the VW board of directors decided to replace the current VW's Head of China business....we will how this change may affect their positioning in PRC.


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April 15, 2005

Shanghai Express 2 - 2005

The German Consulate just published the most recent version of its Shanghai Express newsletter (German).
You may want to download it from the FILES section on the right column of this page. Remember the password to open these files is: "asmallcity.com"


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April 11, 2005

Final exams in University

Howdy, today started my first final exam in University. For the next coming ten working days, I will be under great pressure in order to do well. Fingers crossed (for the last time!)!

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Shanghai World Financial Center

I just read an article (German) about an elevator contract regarding the new skyscraper which is due to be build in Shanghai Pudong, the Shanghai World Financial Center.

I am curious to see the construction progress as soon as I arrive in Shanghai in a two months time. Especially as the building I am working in is just opposite the area where the new Fincancial Center is going to be build.

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April 08, 2005

Photo exhibition in Shanghai

My friend and former flatmate Florian just send me an invitation to his photo exhibition which will take place this weekend in Shanghai.

As part of six artists, Florian will illustrate some of his pictures he has takes during his two years stay in Shanghai.

Unfortunately I will not be able to join this event. However, if some of you are currently in town, don't miss it!

artsea gallery
moganshan lu 50, building 9/2nd floor

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April 07, 2005

SMS Location request Service

The following sms service might be of help for those who are new in this city. I used it several times during my stays in Shanghai in the past.

By sending an sms (short text message) with your mobile to the number 885074 and by entering a specific restaurant name, supermarket or shop (e.g. Decathlon) you will receive the local address by a sms reply submitted to you within seconds.
With "c" you may select to read the address in Putonghua if you might show it to the taxi driver.

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Last lecture in university

Hardly to believe but today was (hopefully) my last lecture in university! The forthcoming two weeks will be full of final exam before I am going to start to write my diploma thesis over summer in Shanghai!

Fingers crossed...

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April 04, 2005

2 months to Shanghai

Hmmmm, how time passes by so quickly.
In basically exactly two months I am going to be back in Shanghai. I feel both, coolness and strange feeling. Strange because so much which happen within the next two months....I am going to finish all my university exams and start to work.

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April 03, 2005

The pope John Paul II. passed away

Although this news has nothing to do with the topic of this weblog, I feel myself obligated to post the news of John Paul II. departure this life as it represents a extraordinary sad event of the world we all live in.

May he rest in peace.

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April 01, 2005

CNN is reporting live from Xintiandi!


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