May 30, 2005

Reasons telling you're already living in China for too long (UPDATE)

I just updated the facts list I created days ago. See the added facts #8 - #14 using this link.

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Last days before flight to Shanghai

I hate them! The last days before a flight are horrible. Did I arrange everything? Did I forget something? Do I have everything? makes me crazy.

At present, my worries are "How can I keep my luggage under 25 kg???"

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May 29, 2005

Reasons telling you're already living in China for too long

Those of you who have already been to China might remember such situations. To some extent, they represent daily situations in China. If you encounter or live yourself these situations, this might give you an indicator that you're already living in China for (perhaps) too long. ;-)

#1: You're pressing the "close the door" button of the elevator as soon as you enter it.
#2: You're drinking your beer with ice cubes in it.
#3: You go shopping dressed in your pyjama.
#4: You're arguing over 5 kuai with your taxi driver.
#5: You're the first person to stand up after the plane safely landed.
#6: You're showing the victory sign once someone is taking a picture of you.
#7: You're not anymore happy, if someone is bringing you some (relatively expensive) duty free cigarettes as you already adapted to (relatively cheap) local cigarettes.
#8: You're not lining up at the end of a queue. You prefer jumping the queue.
#9: You're entering the subway train before guests could leave the train.
#10: For you, a red traffic light makes no difference with a green one. You keep on moving.
#11: You let yourself thrive a long fingernail.
#12: You're using your umbrella as soon as the sun shines.
#13: You dislike eating with fork and knife.
#14: You're showing your business card as soon as your visits from home arrive in China.

These are based on my personal experience I have encountered in China. However, this list still needs to be improved and completed. If you are aware of any typical situations, please feel free to contact me or add a comment to this post.


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May 25, 2005

DigiCam repaired!

Finally! Today I picked up my digicam from the service center of the store I bought it around two years ago.

For some reasons the cam broke during my stay in Hong Kong last summer, which ended in the fact that I merely couldn't take any pictures during my stay in Asia last year :-(

However, just in time before my flight back to Shanghai next Friday, the cam has been repaired, and the best, for free! Lucky me, as I wouldn't have invested anything in this *** cam anymore. :-)

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May 24, 2005

Shanghai Metro Map

Many buildings have been built in the past two years in Shanghai. New bridges have been set-up. Strange that nothing has changed in the metro landscape. Although many extension lines are due to be finished, up to now there are still just three metro lines operating in Shanghai.

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Road to Shanghai - Countdown t-11 days

Hmmm, as usual, time is passing by very quickly. Just 11 days left until my return to Shanghai and still plenty literature research to do before my flight.

It seems I am going to write my thesis completely in English as major parts of the literature is written in English anyways. Hm, this doesn't make me feel very relaxing either.

Again, it's kind of strange thinking that I will be located in a completely different cultural place on earth in less then a two weeks time.

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May 19, 2005

"Muenchner Freiheit" is back!

What a surprise.

The Bavarian bar & restaurant "Muenchner Freiheit" re-opened again. Those of you who followed my weblog during my first trips to Shanghai might remember that I reported already from this location.

Now, this venue re-opened again in a different place.

The new address:
Da Gu Lu 413 on the corner to Chengdu Beilu, Tel: 6327 1619.

Time to enjoy a Schnitzel again.....!

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May 18, 2005

Get your current China Mobile account balance


this post might be of use for all China Mobile card users, who actually have no idea how much of their phone credit is left on their individual account.

Try to send an SMS to 1861 by typing just "ycex" in it and you'll recieve a reply message telling you your current mobile balance.

Alternatively, you may call the operator (for free), call 1861, press *-button (for english language), press 1 and you'll hear your current balance.

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May 16, 2005

Weakening Euro

Holy, same procedure as last year. Just shortly before my trip to China, the Euro is loosing value compared to the Chinese Renmimbi (RMB) currency. Arg....let's hope that it will recover at least a little bit before I arrive in Shanghai.

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May 14, 2005

Shanghai Photo Gallery

Finally thanx to Schubi I found an online photo gallery systems which gives me the opportunity to let you take part on my several experiences in China and especially in Shanghai.

Shanghai Photo Gallery

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Shanghai Express 3 - 2005

The German Consulate just published the most recent version of its Shanghai Express newsletter (German).
You may want to download it from the FILES section on the right column of this page. Remember the password to open these files is: ""


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Flynet - Internet in the sky

What a surprise...Lufthansa just sent me a US$ 10 voucher for using Lufthansa's internet service Flynet on one of my next flights.

I will definitely try this service with my pda on my flight to Shanghai in about three weeks.

Then, with no sky is too high, I will send an e-mail or post in this weblog from about 30.000 feets...uuuuhh ;-)


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May 13, 2005

German companies in Shanghai

[Deutsche Firmen in Shanghai].....

How many times I've been asked about my knowledge of German companies located in Shanghai and elsewhere in China.

Well, for all interested parties I may now offer a solution which might meet your needs. The German Chamber website in China is offering a websearch, where you can easily find the way to German co. in China. Simply follow this link.

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May 10, 2005

Got my Chinese business visa

Wow! That was fast. Just one week after I handed in my passport, I got it back today with a fresh 6 months multiple entry Chinese business (F) visa in it.

The only thing that irritates me is the limitation of 90 days per visit as I didn't have that restriction when I got my last F-visa from Hong Kong.


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May 05, 2005

Start of my diploma thesis

Sorry, I was kind of busy the last few days, as I officially started working on my diploma thesis this monday (02 may).
Then I had an 2 1/2 days appointment in the suburbs of Frankfurt which was quite exciting and tough.

Nevertheless I am now back to Munich and enjoying today's public holiday, before I am going to be back in the office tomorrow!

Incredible: Just 30 days left until my trip to Shanghai....uaaaahhh ;-)

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May 01, 2005

Background of this webpage


some of you might have been wondering what this page is all about. For this reason, I created a special page which shall give you more details about what's going on on this page. Just follow this link or select the relevant link under the "About this Page" section on the right column of this page.

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