May 31, 2007

"Spiderman" Alain Robert climbes Shanghai's Jinmao Tower

My goodness, it's him, again!

The frenchman Alain Robert known as "the" base climber on earth has just recently succeded in climbing up China's tallest scyscraper, Shanghai's Jinmao Tower.

Funny, the Jinmao tower used to be the office building I worked in during my stays in Shanghai in 2003 and 2005 and that it was Alain Robert, the person I coincidentally met during my holiday in Abu Dhabi in fall 2005 in the Hilton Hotel. At that time I didn't know him at all and to be honest I was laughing at him, when I saw him entering the hotel restaurant wearing funny cowboy boots. It was just a ridicolous impression.

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May 29, 2007

China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) to become 11th best MBA school worldwide

Those of you who have followed my previous trips to Shanghai may remember my visit to the CEIBS campus back in summer 2003.

Not only that CEIBS became 11th best MBA business school worldwide this year according to the most recent Financial Times ranking, no, just last week former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder visited CEIBS:

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May 24, 2007

Shanghai Express 3 - 2007

The German Consulate just published the most recent version of its Shanghai Express newsletter (German).
You may want to download it from the FILES section on the right column of this page. Remember the password to open these files is: ""


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May 12, 2007

Still alive...

First of all a big "sorry" to all of you that you haven't heard from me for such a long period now.

Nevertheless I do hope this website will help you finding useful information regarding living and working in Shanghai. Feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions regarding this smashing city!

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