October 20, 2005

City Sightseeing

After enjoying the day on the beach and at the pool I decided to grab my cam-recorder to discover some parts of Abu Dhabi....Well as it is Ramadan, streets are quite empty, however at sundown, people swarmed into the many mosques in town to pray for buddy allah. Normally a no-go to film such events, I hided myself and took some impressive shots of the scenery.

Exhausted of the high temperature and with pain on my feet, I took a taxi back to my hotel to have my dinner.

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October 18, 2005

Free internet access

Ha, after spending over a week in the hotel I found out that on my floor (executive floor) there is a room with a desktop connected to the net. Great, with this I am saving a lot of money.

Nothing has changed in the meantime. Weather is still great here. I haven't seen a single cloud in the sky since I am here...amazing.

Unfortunately, still as it is Ramadan time here in UAE, there is nothing to do during the day and in the evening. This is the first year ever, hotels are entitled to serve alcoholic drinks at night. Nevertheless I find the prices for beers, etc. much too high, so I kept with my cokes, sprites and natural water which I bought from a nearby Carrefour supermarket.

The next days I am planning to discover some city areas by myself and by hiring a taxi which are quite cheap to get along with here.

I hope you are all doing well and things are going the right way at home.

Talk to you later on...

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October 13, 2005

hi from abu dhabi

hi, internet is expensive, so just a quick note.
hot weather, lots of time in the sun. hotel ok, but no alcohol due to ramadan. i haven't seen lot of the city as just few people on the streets and there are no bars open. i did receive all sms, thx.

many germans here, ugly people and rude ;-(

i won't make any excursions as the prices are impossible high.

will connect to the internet next week as rates are too high as well.

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October 09, 2005

See you in two weeks...

Again, the time has come. I am ready for my holidays in the Middle East with lots of sun, relaxing moments and last not least including Ramadan :-/

Depending on internet access fee in my hotel and/or internet cafés, I am trying to post some Arabic impressions in here.

See you.

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October 06, 2005

My trip to the Middle East

Hmmm as I heard it will be "Ramadan-Period" while I'll be in the Middle East I didn't know how to interpret or what to expect....

...now I've found this deflating tourist information in German language:

"Während des Ramadan reisen Nichts geht mehr im Ramadan -- eine leidige Erfahrung jedes Arabien-Besuchers. Tatsächlich ist das öffentliche Leben während des jährlichen Fastenmonats stark eingeschränkt. Behörden arbeiten langsam, Geschäfte und Restaurants öffnen erst nach Sonnenuntergang, Taxis sind nur schwer zu bekommen, und selbst in den Luxushotels in Dubai werden die Aschenbecher aus den Foyers entfernt. Zu essen und zu trinken gibt es - außer in Dubai - ohnehin erst nach Einbruch der Dunkelheit und dem Ruf vom Minarett. "

Great! :-(

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